Sealed Maintenance Free Battery

We offer a vast range of Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries(SMF) with no requirement to add water and it’s completely sealed. SMF batteries look different than other battery types. They are more compact because there is no free electrolyte (it is used in the form of gel which files the cavity of plates) making them more “volume efficient” and taking less space for their energy storing capacity. Because they are filled with electrolyte only one time during activation, so there are no filler caps. Instead a sealing plug permanently covers the filler ports. Also, there is no vent tube in this battery.

Dry Charge Battery

We offer vast range of Dry Charge Batteries or Conventional Batteries. Our Batteries are designed to have filler caps and vent tubes. Not all vehicles require SMF batteries and Dry Charge/Conventional Batteries offer good performance and longevity but at a lower price point.Important aspects of the our battery include sealed posts to resist corrosion, tough polypropylene covers, containers and heat sealed construction for a strong, bonded unit. In addition, design features include special separators and through-partition construction.


A patented product by Eastman.

Eastman’s Automatic 12V 1.5 Amp Battery Charger incorporates superior 9-stage charging technology with 10-port charge. This high power unit provides error-proof operation to fully charge sealed maintenance-free and conventional or dry charge batteries. Controlled by a microprocessor chip, the charger detects the charging mode required to charge the battery. The Chip monitors the state of the battery charge and begins charging automatically when the battery charge drops to a specific voltage.

Our Battery Range

Reliable And Secure

Addo batteries are the trusted choice around the world for standby power in applications where system integrity is a paramount. Our batteries incorporate high energy density, advanced plate technology and a sealed construction to provide complete peace of mind. Other features include:

Presenting our range of batteries to outlive every other battery:

Every product is a result of countless hours of research combined with an innumerable dedication from our employees. With the following features, we promise complete reliability of our batteries.

Component Features Benefits
Cast Grid Special Grid Design Severe vibration resistance & improved conductivity
Active Material Proprietary Formulation Reduced shedding, maximum utilization, & long service life
Pasted Plates Specified Thickness & Weight Ensures vibration resistance through precise compression & proper service life through specified active material balance
Dry-Charged Plates Tank Formed & Dried Plates Properly dried plates in a sealed battery have a virtually limitless shelf-life, while still retaining 70-80% state of charge when initially filled with acid
Top Lead Connections Through-Partition Construction, Large Straps Shorter current path for increased electrical conductivity & higher starting currents, heavier parts for maximum durability
Case-Cover Seal Thermal bonded Plastic Air tight seal to prevent air ingress & acid seepage
Terminal-Cover Seal Poly-Seal Terminal Eliminates acid seepage, reduces corrosion, and extends battery life
Case & Cover Polypropylene Superior resistance to gasoline & oil, impacts resistant in extreme weather conditions
Additive Sulphate Stop (Some models) Sulphate stop is added to reduce the solubility of lead into the acid, which then reduces battery sulphation potential
Grid System Computer-Designed Radial Grids Increased conductivity for starting wattage, better vibration resistance
Separator Puncture Resistant Material High puncture resistant separator for increased service in high vibration applications

Embracing innovation and advanced technology, Addo offers the best batteries in the market. Performance, reliability, and power are an assurance with us.

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